June 2, 20162016 IDI Advanced Learning Conference

IDI, LLC is excited to announce the 2016 IDI Advanced Learning Conference!

This year, IDI, LLC’s bi-annual conference, the IDI Advanced Learning Conference, takes place in Minneapolis, Minnesota on October 21st and 22nd and is open to both licensed IDI Qualified Administrators and to anyone else that is interested in learning more about the Intercultural Development Inventory.

Each IDI Advanced Learning Conference focuses on different areas of intercultural development using the IDI, and this year’s proceedings will focus on engaging attendees in the full spectrum of IDI work. The schedule of events this year features presentations from internationally recognized leaders in using the IDI for intercultural competence development and the Keynote Address that will be delivered by Dr. Mitchell R. Hammer, Ph.D., the President and Founder of IDI, LLC.

We are incredibly excited to see you at the Conference in October!

For more information on the 2016 IDI Advanced Learning Conference, please visit the following links:

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