Our People: Mafalda Arias

Mafalda Arias is an instructor for the IDI Qualifying Seminar and a Qualified Administrator of the IDI. She is the founder of Mafalda Arias and Associates. She has used the IDI to assess groups and measure client developmental progress primarily in the mining and mineral exploration industries with corporations, government, industry associations, and service providers. Mafalda was born, raised, and educated in Lima, Peru, and has over 19 years’ experience working in various capacities in private and public companies in the mineral exploration and mining industries in Canada and South America. As a native of Peru, she is bilingual (Spanish/English) and is conversant in French. Receiving an education in various countries and being able to communicate in three languages, coupled with her experience as an immigrant to Canada, has provoked her curiosity and assisted her in discovering intercultural matters. Mafalda has a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Relations at the University of the Pacific in California. She also has a Business Administration degree from the Universidad de Lima in Peru and a post-graduate certificate in International Commerce from ESAN in Peru.