Our People: Mary-Frances Winters

Mary-Frances Winters is an IDI Qualified Administrator and an IDI Qualifying Seminar Instructor. She is president and CEO of The Winters Group, Inc., a 34-year-old global organization development and diversity and inclusion consulting firm with an emphasis on ethnic and multicultural issues. Mary-Frances truly believes that diversity and inclusion work is her “passion and calling.” Dubbed a thought leader in the field, for the past three decades she has impacted over hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals with her thought provoking message, and her approach to diversity and inclusion. Ms. Winters is a master strategist with experience in strategic planning, change management, diversity, organization development, training and facilitation, systems thinking, and qualitative and quantitative research methods. She has extensive experience in working with senior leadership teams to drive organizational change. Clients have described her as highly creative, collaborative, visionary, and results-oriented; she is a sought-after keynote speaker and workshop leader. Among her many awards and distinctions, she was named a diversity pioneer by Profiles in Diversity Journal in August 2007 and most recently received the Winds of Change award from the Forum on Workplace Inclusion in 2016. Ms. Winters is the author of four books: We Can’t Talk about That at Work!: How to Talk about Race, Religion,  Politics, and Other Polarizing Topics (2017), Only Wet Babies Like Change: Workplace  Wisdom for Baby Boomers, Inclusion Starts With “I” and CEO’s Who Get It: Diversity  Leadership from the Heart and Soul. Ms. Winters also authored a chapter in the book Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion (2013) and numerous articles. Ms. Winters is a “provocateur,” someone who provokes conversation and encourages dialogues – she is not afraid to have the tough conversations! Mary-Frances is the recipient of the 2012 IDI Intercultural Competence Award.