Our Team: Phyllis Braxton

Mother, wife, author [Good Intentions, Bad Results – Dec. 2022], artist, interculturalist, and a World-renown Miraval Thought Leader bridging theory and practice in the DEI and self-care space. Phyllis Braxton has over 25 years of international touchpoints with tens of thousands of people with experience in trauma-informed diversity, equity and inclusion training and facilitation, leadership coaching, conflict communication, intercultural competence, organizational development, and clinical therapy. Phyllis received her BA from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Ga., Masters of Adult Education from the University of MN, and a Masters of Clinical Social Work from St. Catherine’s University. She is one of the international training faculty of the Intercultural Development Inventory that assesses intercultural competence and has studied diversity and experienced cultural trends from Iceland to Dubai and the deep south to the West Coast. She helps others leverage their identities and experiences to foster healthy relationships for more inclusive workplace outcomes and homelife satisfaction.

A self-described “edutainer,” she believes in meeting people where they are without blame, shame, or judgment. Phyllis is the founder of The wholeSOUL Experience for Women’s mental health and career success. She also is the founder of Dance With Confidence teaching self-efficacy and self-care to women and girls. Phyllis is passionate that a sense of humility balanced with confidence and a deep reverence for human complexity is vital.

Through laughter and human connection, Phyllis continues to encourage people to examine their life experiences and practice key life lessons with humor and grace. As a life-long learner, Phyllis is currently a doctoral student studying Leadership for Change with a specialization in somatics, phenomenology, and communicative leadership. She resides in North Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is determined to leave a legacy of generational transformation for economically and educationally disadvantaged women and girls. PINK Consulting, LLC provides the above areas of expertise for individuals, teams, and organizations across the world.