IDI Qualifying Seminar: Private IDI Qualifying Seminars

IDI, LLC provides the IDI® to organizations that wish to schedule their own private, online training to have members of their organization licensed as IDI Qualified Administrators to use the Intercultural Development Inventory. During the Online IDI Qualifying Seminar, participants will:

  • Gain proficiency in using the IDI for increasing intercultural competence for individuals, teams, and organizations
  • Learn how the IDI differs from traditional measures of intercultural competence
  • Review the rigorous cross-cultural validity and reliability research protocols used in developing the IDI
  • Learn how to interpret individual and group IDI profiles of intercultural competence
  • Practice giving IDI Profile Report debriefs in supportive, role-play scenarios
  • Receive introductory training to use the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory®
The Online IDI Qualifying Seminar is comprised of three 4.5-hour sessions over three days (one session per day). Participants must complete the entire IDI Qualifying Seminar in order to receive their IDI Qualified Administrator License. Licensure requires attendance at an IDI® Qualifying Seminar and consent to the IDI Licensing Agreement (click here to view the licensing agreement).

In order for your organization to host a private IDI Qualifying Seminar, your organization will need to commit to a minimum of 10 paid participants. Private IDI Qualifying Seminars can be conducted for up to 50 attendees. For additional information, to learn more about pricing, and to check for availability, contact our office.