About Us:Our Staff

  • Mitchell R. Hammer, Ph.D.

    Mitchell R. Hammer, Ph.D. is President of IDI, LLC. He has achieved an international reputation as a social innovator, … Continue reading

    Mitchell R. Hammer, Ph.D.
  • Diann Hammer, Attorney

    Diann Hammer, Attorney is the Chief Operating Officer for IDI, LLC and is responsible for the operational aspects for … Continue reading

    Diann Hammer, Attorney
  • Neil Hammer

    Neil Hammer is the Vice President for IDI, LLC, ICS Inventory, LLC, and Safe Dialogue, LLC, and is responsible … Continue reading

    Neil Hammer
  • Lea Hammer

    Lea Hammer is the Program Advisor for IDI, LLC and ICS Inventory, LLC, an instructor for the IDI Qualifying Seminar, and … Continue reading

    Lea Hammer
  • Tracy Tachiera, M.A.

    Tracy Tachiera, M.A., is the Program Coordinator for IDI, LLC, as well as an IDI Qualified Administrator and an … Continue reading

    Tracy Tachiera, M.A.