IDI Products & Pricing: Pricing

IDI, LLC offers a wide-range of products and services to support Qualified Administrators’ efforts in using the IDI® to build intercultural competence in educational institutions and organizations. Below is a chart that outlines these products, services, and their costs (prices subject to change).

IDI Qualifying Seminar

The IDI Qualifying Seminar is conducted in various public venues in the United States of America, Canada, and Europe.

Private IDI Qualifying Seminars are conducted by IDI, LLC and hosted by various organizations at the organization’s location.

Public IDI Qualifying Seminar information →
Private IDI Qualifying Seminar information →

Please see the tuition rates for the IDI Qualifying Seminar:

Tuition $2000 USD

Tuition $1800 USD (Non-Profit – Discounted Rate)

Tuition $1600 USD (Educational Institution – Discounted Rate)

IDI Assessment Pricing & Reports

The IDI offers superior value for assessing and building intercultural competence and is the only tool that includes, for a one-time cost per IDI:

  • Unlimited IDI Group Profile Reports,
  • Unlimited IDI Group Administrator Reports,
  • IDI Individual Profile Reports, and
  • Customized individual Intercultural Development Plans.

The Education version of the IDI is used within accredited educational institutions. The Organization version of the IDI is used in all other organizations and institutions.

The cost of the IDI is:

$30 per IDI: Organization version
  • Standard price when ordering the Organizational version.
$21 per IDI: Organization version (Non-Profit)
  • For use with individuals who are completing the IDI and work within a non-profit organization or government agency.
$18 per IDI: Education version
  • Standard price when ordering the Educational version.
$12 per IDI: Educational version. (Student)
  • For use in educational institutions with students.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

IDI, LLC Support Services

Customer support via phone and email from the offices of IDI, LLC

Dedicated IDI QA Resources

IDI Practical Applications Video

This video engagingly explains the Intercultural Development Continuum and describes, with compelling personal examples, how individuals respond to cultural differences based on their developmental orientation. QAs are able to incorporate this video into their IDI work.

(all prices subject to change)