IDI Products & Pricing: IDI Products, Services & Pricing

IDI, LLC offers a wide-range of products and services to support Qualified Administrators’ efforts in using the IDI® to build intercultural competence in educational institutions and organizations. IDI, LLC also offers targeted consulting for schools and organizations in intercultural competence development. Below is a chart that outlines these products, services, and their costs (prices subject to change). Fees listed below are for individuals who are employed within a non-profit educational institution (Fees Education) and fees for individuals employed in all other profit and non-profit organizations (Fees Organization).

IDI Qualifying Seminar (Required to use the IDI) - offered annually

2.5-day seminar on how to effectively use the IDI. Seminar is conducted in various public venues in the U.S. and internationally.

Seminar is also “privately” conducted for organizations at the organization’s location (minimum of 10 participants).

Public seminar information →
Private seminar information →

Tuition $2000 US (Individuals and Organizations)

Tuition $1800 US (Not-for-profit – Discounted Rate)

Tuition $1600 US (Educational Institution – Discounted Rate)

Tuition $1200 US (Approved Ph.D. Dissertation Students using the IDI – Discounted Rate)

IDI Assessment Pricing & Reports

The IDI offers superior value for assessing and building intercultural competence and is the only tool that includes, for a one-time cost per IDI:

  • Unlimited Group and Subgroup Profile Reports,
  • Unlimited Group and Subgroup Administrator Reports,
  • Individual Profile Reports, and
  • Customized individual Intercultural Development Plans.

The Education version of the IDI is used within accredited educational institutions. The Organization version of the IDI is used in all other organizations and institutions.

The cost of the IDI is:

$25 per IDI: Organization version used by For-Profit Qualified Administrators.
  • For Qualified Administrators who work for a for-profit organization or are For-profit, independent consultants.
$18 per IDI: Organization version used by Not-for-profit/Government Qualified Administrators.
  • For Qualified Administrators who work for a Non-profit/government organization.
$15 per IDI: Education version used with school faculty, staff, administration by Qualified Administrators.
  • For use in educational institutions with faculty, staff and/or administration.
$11 per IDI: Educational version used with school students by Qualified Administrators.
  • For use in educational institutions with students.

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

IDI Annual License Update
(Required to keep IDI license current) - offered annually

Annual online update learning program of IDI “best practices.”

IDI, LLC Support Services

Telephone, email troubleshooting assistance from IDI, LLC staff

IDI QA Online Resource Library

IDI Co-branding option (annual subscription)

Optional capability for QA’s to have their organizational logo co-branded on all IDI reports.

Annual fee based on # of QA’s included in co-branding option (click here for pricing options)

IDI Practical Applications Video

This 27-minute program engagingly explains the Intercultural Development Continuum and describes, with compelling personal examples, how individuals respond to cultural differences based on their developmental orientation. QAs are able to have unlimited number of individuals view the video online.

IDI, LLC Consulting Services Option

IDI, LLC offers IDI consulting services to QAs and other clients.

IDI, LLC is the sole provider of IDI assessments for selection and also provides baseline assessments for schools and organizations.

(all prices subject to change)