Support for Ph.D. Research

Using the Intercultural Development Inventory® for Ph.D. Research

We support the use of the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI®) in your Ph.D. Dissertation by offering a discounted tuition to Ph.D. candidates to attend the IDI Qualifying Seminar. To benefit and receive this discounted tuition, you need to register for the IDI Qualifying Seminar, otherwise the regular tuition rate applies. As our Qualifying Seminars fill up quickly, we may extend you preliminary approval for the discounted tuition in the event that your required paperwork is not submitted at the time of your registration. This discounted fee is finalized once the following is complete:

  • Submit a copy of the dissertation proposal to, indicating, as clearly as possible, how the IDI is going to be used.
  • The proposal will be reviewed to ensure the most effective and appropriate use of the IDI is undertaken, consistent with IDI “best practices” and licensing requirements.
  • At the conclusion of your dissertation, we request that you send us a PDF copy of your dissertation and the abstract to add to our current bibliography of IDI-related research.

To use the IDI in your research, the following must be observed:

  • Purchase of the IDI Assessment for your study is subject to current pricing and guidelines.
  • No items from the IDI (except those written up as sample items found in the 2003 IJIR article on the IDI) can be reprinted anywhere in the dissertation (this includes appendices). This is because the IDI is a proprietary instrument.
  • The IDI cannot be used to validate or psychometrically support the development of other measures (e.g., concurrent validity testing) that purport to assess intercultural or cultural competence/sensitivity.
  • The IDI also cannot be used by QAs for personnel selection purposes, to include hiring talent, placement of talent, and/or promotion of talent.

For any questions about Ph.D. research support from IDI, LLC, visit the Contact Us page and submit the contact form.